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House Rules

No loud sounds in Sea Isle

Our municipality regulates how many guests we can host. No external guests or parties allowed

No large events or parties

Drive slowly and keep voices/music down. Some of the neighbors live here permanently, and we like them.

No smoking inside the home

No Smoking Allowed inside, only the outside areas

Enjoy refreshing drinks

We can’t fix things for the next guest unless we know.

There are multiple places to show

We have an outside shower to wash off after a day on the beach

Luxury Caribbean Villa

Please leave a 5 star rating on Google and Yelp

Enjoy a great meal

Make sure you check the fridge/ closets/back of doors. before you leave

We have restaurants in our community

Try to return kitchen items to their original locations.

Comfortable Queen and Sofa beds

If you want to help, you can strip linens and leave them on the bed.

Put out trash before you leave

Trash pickup is on Monday. Please leave trash cans at the end of the driveway on the left as you leave

Toilet paper is provided

Tell us if supplies are low.

We have water sports in the area

Please put the umbrellas down and leave the grill clean for the next guests.

Free parking on the premises

Vehicles must fit in the designated driveway of the rental property without obstructing street/flow of traffic

Free parking on the premises

No parking on lawns or in neighbor’s driveway

Trash cans availalbe

Trash must fit in can with lids closed (not stacked on street)

Enjoy the outside areas

Renters must be 25 or older

No loud music

Enjoy our Sonos sound system. Loud music and noise is prohibited (10pm curfew)


Obey all City of Galveston Ordinances


Motor homes, campers and tents are prohibited


Valid driver’s license are required when operating golf carts (police enforced)


Non street-licensed vehicles (4 wheelers, go carts, dirt bikes, scooters, ATVs, etc) are not permitted anywhere on Galveston Island


No wake” rules in the canals


Enjoy the beach but stay off the dunes!

Enjoy our pool

All items left on the beach overnight will be removed by the City

We have standard check-in/check-out times


10 pm - 8 AM





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